Who We Do

AUMADA develop and supply energy saving solutions with proven performance for commercial, industrial and residential applications.  The internationalization of Aumada has been steadily growing since incorporated in 1998. Aumada solutions are saving energy and operational cost in most of Southeast Asia and by virtue of the recognition of system performances and expertise the expansion continues.


AUMADA initially intruduced the "Smart Hot Water Concept", which is an integration of the latest technologies offering our clients solutions that:
  • has the highest system energy efficiency
  • longer lifespan, but maintain efficiency over lifespan
  • minimize operation cost
  • able to utilize or combine energy sources such as but not limited to: solar, heat recovery, heat pump, gas, electric, diesel


“AUMADA will be market leader in supply of energy saving systems solutions within Smart Hot Water, Indoor Air Quality, iFacility Monitoring and Power & Light and known as a highly respected company that masters advance integration of energy efficient technologies while creating values for all stakeholders.”

Core Values

  • Meet or exceed our customer’s expectations
  • Solutions designed for local markets
  • Mastering integration of multiple energy sources
  • Global culture, local representation
  • High Quality Products and Services
  • Proactive Marketing Approach
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovations
  • Environmentally and socially responsible

Our Services

  • Integrating building design to minimize energy consumption
  • Energy Measuring, Energy Monitoring Systems & Energy Management Systems
  • Analyze piping and other distribution systems to minimize Energy Loss and Energy Consumption
  • Textile Ventilation or Fabric Ducts
  • Cooling and Ventilation Systems - integrated with Hot Water Production
  • Preventive Maintenance Systems

Smart Hot Water

Aumada introduced the "Smart Hot Water Concept", which is an integration of the latest technologies offering our clients solutions, which has the highest system efficiency, longer lifespan with maintained performance. The solutions minimize operation cost and are able to utilize or combine multiple energy sources to achieve the highest possible savings.

Indoor Air Quality

Textile Ventilation Systems, also known as Fabric Ducts or Air Socks or Textile Duct for draft free air distribution in all types of rooms and applications. All systems are bespoke and will be carefully designed to provide the customer with the best possible solution to your specific ducting requirements.

IFacility Monitoring

System Design
The versatility of our technology and methodology allows us to provide complete end-to-end Facilities management solutions with a specialized emphasis on overall energy efficiency.Our equipment can communicate with a wide variety of sensors and Meters for Energy and Air Quality monitoring.

Power & Light

Renewable energy is clean comparing to conventional way of producing electricity that has high emission of CO2. The high volume of Co2 that is being release into the atmosphere is the main factor of global warming. Many parties have already taken initiative to play their role to solve the global warming issue.


Air To Water


Air To Water


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